Endless Time


own drawing

So our world is in a linear time. My world isn’t it. The time what we think is not real but it is. Everything is real what we see, what we do and what we want. This time is ours. But the world not work like this. Somewhere you are so different then this person and honestly same. Everything what happening is in NOW. We are one and we are in connected each other. Everyone who live in this planet should know this. We are the only one who can change the world or peoples. We should do this no matter how hard.. the things what we need in this world – peace, hope and love.
In this linear time is so complicated. You lost someone who care about you and you care about him/her. You are busy with the works. You have a complicated life. But no. You haven’t. Everyone is real. Everyone live somewhere. You lost these people – here. But they are with you everday. They are live with us. We have a connection with other worlds too. Yes, it is hard to our brain but possible. Think about it where you are when you sleep. Our body is like some bionic robots and we have a chance to control. If we can do this we know about other world and peoples or aliens and everything. This world is so big and this universe so powerful.


DIY make up and beauty case in three steps

19415757_1417879684968232_581230540_n.jpg First step:

Cut off some old boots of jeans.
Push the pin over or below the seam position and pin the zipper to the other side.

Second step:

Sew together with sewing machine or hand on the both side. If you ready with these things cut the pocket if you want (the angel wing is on the packet) and sewing on the ready beauty case.

Third step:

Put some decoration to your creation. (Paillette, stass, rivets or anything else what you want). I love it because all stuff in my bag was so higgledy-piggledy. Every woman accessories can fits in these and the distraught is over in my bag. 

Diy Dreamcatcher

18175445_1359750820781119_24842723_oThe best pastime to everyone who love DIY stuffs. 

This is mine dreamcather what I made yesterday.
The black and white color combination is the best for me because I change the room constantly. 

What is needed:

  • Glue
  • Circular wood or plastic
  • Lace tape (or any tape)
  • Feathers (and flowers)

If you don’t have any circular base you can make from wire. 

So when you have everything glue the lace tape ends, roll around and that’s all. The flower (if will be added) also be glued. Than put ribbons on it and glue the feathers. 

You can use to this beads and everything what you want.


Hi ev18073530_1354767274612807_1271940773_n.jpgeryone. You can find this pillows in the VIDA shop. I am a designer here and I show you my newest creations on square pillows.

As I said before I love drawing especially mandalas. I think this colorful and energetic samples are the best if you want to wake up to be happy. I make mandalas but just those that carry positive energies. Maybe this stuffs will be the best decoration in your home (or mine) and matches with every style – minimal, hippie, bohemian.
I hope you like it and check my collection here: https://shopvida.com/collections/lillo

DIY bookmarks

I show you my newest bookmarks for my new book ( Magus of Strovolos – Kyriacos C. Markides). I wrote in the last post about DIY mandala making. So my two favorite thing what I love: read and drawing. The bookmark making is the best for both. If you love read you should try this. Absolutely keep in calm.

So in the last post you can see how can you draw a mandala and if you forget it you can see everytime.

What you need for this?

  • Paper.
  • Glue.
  • Color pencils and markers.
  • Watercolor etc.

That’s all. So simple.


DIY mandala

I show you how to draw an easy and simple mandala. 👆

All you need is:

  • Promenade
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Pencil and paper

If you can do the circles you will use the protractor and mark a measures what you want. This template can help you in mandala and every sample making.

Simple and easy so if you want making your own mandala on your home. You can make this and if you have any idea what you draw on the paper you can looking for some sample at google and select your favorite samples. This is my drawings and I make now the blue-green-yellow mandala.


DIY shell necklace

What is necessary for this purpose:

  • Shell (I used one what I found in the Netherlands on the beach.)
  • Pearls (The colors can be so as you wish.)
  • Thin wire
  • Glue
  • Colorful strass


1. You should make a loop of the bottom wire pieces and you glue onto the selected strass.
2. Put it onto the pearl what you want.
3. You need punch the shell and put the wire through the hole.
4. You make another loop and this will be ready.

If you want something special you can paint out the shell.

It is soo easy, simple and beautiful. If you like the minimal accessories this will be your favorite. And this is mine:


Color selection

I have written last time about the mandalas and the energy that surrounds us all. So the mandalas have a very impulsive energy.

I think in your selection should include the following 2 aspects:

  • The current state of your mind.
  • The color of the room where you want to place the mandala(s)

If you are sad and going through in a difficult period I think the perfect choice for you something in warm colors. Yellow, orange, pink and red are the amazing combination but the brown shades are perfectly too. If you insist to the cold colors that’s not a problem. The blue, purple and brown is a very sedative so in the bedroom maybe is perfect.

If you are happiness and your job, your relationship and everything is ok your choice depend just on the color of the room and furnitures.

State of your mind is a very important thing ’cause if you don’t feel well somewhere it will maybe can help you. So the rooms where you live not too right for your all isn’t lost. You can help yourself.

Example: My room is blue. My color is purple and my room in in transformation. I make soma mandala in blue – purple – brown combination. I have a spine problems and I read somewhere that the blue color can help on this. And really.
My boyfriends room was purple and we hated so it is sunny yellow now. We don’t feel like it was good often and we fought a lot simply from doldrums. I love the yellow color and absolutely help for to be high spirits. He have a dark green – yellow – red combination geometric patterned carpet so I Iarranged for this the room.
My mom’s living room have peach blossom color and her color is red (not a coincidence). So I made for her some orange – red – gray mandalas.

I can’t mentoin all colors in this post because I don’t have lot of time but I would recommend reading the colors meanings and effects. I hope this was helpful for you and here is some inspiration if this necessary for you.

pictures: from pinterest