Time of think

So.. You think you see things. Yes. And if you see something you think it’s real. No. But yes. What you see once that never will came back. You see the light on the street. You see your love. And you have feelings. You create feelings for everything what you see. And this feeling make this things what them really are. You see the light once. You think about it. And you never feel this again. These feelings become memories. But your mind can lie to your brain. And your brain can lie to your mind. That’s matters. The one and only thoughts what’s real are the feelings. Honestly I can’t understand fully yet. But I’m one the way what I want. So I tell you. Your memories… They can bad. And they can good. The only difference is the feelings. I have bad memories with good feelings and I have good memories with bad feelings. And why don’t I care about it? Because these all stuff it’s just not real. Not now. I saw some world. I saw some people. I saw this world. I saw the animals. And all creations in this Earth. And honestly… The past is in past. The future not exist. The only chance we have is the now. Just now. Our memories lie to us. Why? Because we controll these. We want the bad feelings because we are weak. We are good feelings cause we are weak. But is these feelings in this time… You are really happy or really sad. But this emotions just passed away. You have the now. And if you really love someone (your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your cat…) That’s emotions stay for a long time. But if you really want you can walk out of these shit. And you must. Why? Because you are not alone with your pain or your happiness. Someone care about you even if you can’t see. Somewhere in the world. You think this is a bullshit? Yeah. You can think. But you can see the world too. And if you do I hope you find your happiness. I lost my real one love (my first little black cat who borned in my hands). Yeah. That was shit. And you lost your mother or sister or father or your dog. I don’t really care because the reason why you here so simple. Pain. And learn. So learn from your shit.


Chia seeds

chia-seeds-2016This is the newest healthy and “fashionable” seeds what I tried in the last three weeks.
So what is it exactly?

Originally grown in Mexico, the seeds were highly valued for their medicinal properties and nutritional value. In fact, they were even used as currency.

The chia seed is nutrient-dense and packs a punch of energy-boosting power. Aztec warriors ate chia seeds to give them high energy and endurance. They said just one spoonful of chia could sustain them for 24 hours. Chia means “strength” in the Mayan language, and chia seeds were known as “runners’ food” because runners and warriors would use them as fuel while running long distances or during battle.

Not only that, but recent research has found that the chia seeds benefits are even greater than we realized. Chia seeds benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, supporting the heart and digestive system, building stronger bones and muscles, and more. They’ve even been linked to helping reverse diabetes. Continue reading for possible side effects, preparation instructions and a complete list of chia seeds benefits and nutrients.

Chia Seed Nutrition Profile

The reason chia seeds are so beneficial is due to them being rich in fiber omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

For example, one ounce (28 grams) of chia seeds contain about:

  • 137 calories
  • 12.3 grams carbohydrates
  • 4.4 grams protein
  • 8.6 grams fat
  • 10.6 grams fiber
  • 0.6 milligram manganese (30 percent DV)
  • 265 milligrams phosphorus (27 percent DV)
  • 177 milligrams calcium (18 percent DV)
  • 1 milligram zinc (7 percent DV)
  • 0.1 milligram copper (3 percent DV)
  • 44.8 milligrams potassium (1 percent DV)

Chia seeds also contain essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid; mucin; strontium’ vitamins A, B, E and D; and minerals, including sulphur, iron, iodine, magnesium, manganese, niacin and thiamine; and they’re a rich source of antioxidants.

Endless Time


own drawing

So our world is in a linear time. My world isn’t it. The time what we think is not real but it is. Everything is real what we see, what we do and what we want. This time is ours. But the world not work like this. Somewhere you are so different then this person and honestly same. Everything what happening is in NOW. We are one and we are in connected each other. Everyone who live in this planet should know this. We are the only one who can change the world or peoples. We should do this no matter how hard.. the things what we need in this world – peace, hope and love.
In this linear time is so complicated. You lost someone who care about you and you care about him/her. You are busy with the works. You have a complicated life. But no. You haven’t. Everyone is real. Everyone live somewhere. You lost these people – here. But they are with you everday. They are live with us. We have a connection with other worlds too. Yes, it is hard to our brain but possible. Think about it where you are when you sleep. Our body is like some bionic robots and we have a chance to control. If we can do this we know about other world and peoples or aliens and everything. This world is so big and this universe so powerful.

DIY make up and beauty case in three steps

19415757_1417879684968232_581230540_n.jpg First step:

Cut off some old boots of jeans.
Push the pin over or below the seam position and pin the zipper to the other side.

Second step:

Sew together with sewing machine or hand on the both side. If you ready with these things cut the pocket if you want (the angel wing is on the packet) and sewing on the ready beauty case.

Third step:

Put some decoration to your creation. (Paillette, stass, rivets or anything else what you want). I love it because all stuff in my bag was so higgledy-piggledy. Every woman accessories can fits in these and the distraught is over in my bag. 

Trip in Amsterdam

My favorite city. I feel maybe this will be my real home.

The first thing what I fall in love here is the colors. This was my best birthday ever and it is not a coincidence. I met first time with calavera theme here and I really like it. I think the very cool thing in death that we thinking about positive and we celebrate this.

The second what I take notice of the small streets. I loved every step what I take in this place. I watched the houses and very cool. I don’t remember a very much things and I am so sorry about it but I want to tell you that how I felt myself in a Europe’s heart.

This was the first time when I tried to real weed. I must speak about this because it was so strong and the feelings what arose in me these still until today and my all life. I loved the first coffeeshop and the second too. We bought white widow, super silver haze and (the hardest) jack herrer. The first was sooo cool. Laugh and love. I hated the jack herrer with super silver haze and not because it is shit together. These cool stuff but not on the beach. My head died. I don’t know how I walked in the sea but I never do this again.

We have lunch in a very cute place. You should checking the Bird Thais Restaurant. The peanuts chicken with rice was so tasty. Brad Pitt and Dalai Lama have eaten here too.

One thing is sure – I want travel again and not with car. The parking is absolutely impossible. So if you decide yourself that you want travel in this amazing city you do it with train or plan.



“You think you know how the world works.” – Doctor Strange / Marvel Universe Movie

This is a rather divisive topics that mostly affects people. Someone believe in them and someone no. I think our galaxy and universe is really big for all of us. I don’t think they would be evel or something bad. We don’t know about they anything so what I will write just my thoughts.

I think as an “artist” we should thinking about this with opened mind. We should accept they, the facts and reality. We are not alone in this world. I can’t use any words how big our world because we don’t really know it. Someone argue that met them. I think it is stupidness. The mental energy is very big in us and if somebody told you that he/she met them I believe it but not physically. If you don’t have a spaceship that impossible.

So we have a powerful mental energy and projection. When our mind is sufficiently opened we can see them or maybe talking with them. Many people think about this theme that it is nonsense. It’s not. We live in a space in a very small planet. I love this planet ’cause it’s so beautiful and full of life and energy what is in us too. This energy and life is so usable for communication. We must learn live with each other in the Eath and in the universe. We must learn very much about everything and sometimes they can help for us.

This drawings what I created a long time ago represent all thoughts from my mind. The use of color is just my mood but my personal favorites are the black and white and the purple – blue. I hope you have remark and share with me in this theme.




Pictures: own drawings

Mandala’s energy

If you believe in our life is a very powerful energy you should maybe read my words. I think about the energy:

– we found everywhere

– we live in

– the most powerful around us

So it is in everything. The thoughts in our mind have energy. If you create a negative mind and live with your sadness you will become something what you don’t really want. This life is full of the hardest thing what we created for ourselfs because we must learn. If you have a powerful feelings just think about it but we all should live every seconds in this life with happiness and sadness.

I draw a lot of mandala because that is what make me happy. I can’t believe in this circles before I made the first for my mother. I don’t really know why I started drawing this beauties. My life changed so this creations absolutely has an energy. This is same what you have. You give the energy. Sometimes it is so hard and we just lost in ourself but it is not a real problem. It is just a way what we should walk around in our life. I think one mandala can help you. This picture is mine because the purple is my color. The all things what you should know about is your colors. 

The mandalas absolutely perfect in your home too as decoration.

You must know your aura’s color or the most simple choosing – what you feel your own. So I write about colors the next time. 



Hi everyone. This my first post on the blog and I would like to start with something what is so important to me and I hope you too. This picture what you see my favorite because I think it is a very meaningful. I thougt a lot of on the nature and why is so important for every human in this world and this is not about only the tree produces oxygen. I think the nature is our real life. I love it. When I walked on a mountintop I had a very much feelings. Real feelings. If you are fall in love with our mother nature when you know what I talking about. It is not only trees and flowers. We are connected to everything that exists on Earth. This planet is just so beautiful. I can’t understand the people why want to destroy HER. We born by the nature. We die by the nature. Our soul, our mind and our spirit leave from our bodies but never die. I made this drawing because I was filled with these thoughts. And now you can see what are in my mind.